Why MiMA

We are one of the front runners in aquarium LED lighting. Our products are diversified into ornamental, tropical and marine lighting. We also deal with Commercial and Domestic LED Lightings..  We have Clients who are utmost satisfied with our lighting solutions and services. We have developed our products keeping in view, the market conditions and hence our prices are very competitiive. Our products are slim and sleek, which make them easily installable and low weight on the whole. There is no extra wiring required to install our lighting fixtures..  Our moto is to provide better lighting solutions with the most competitive prices.

Why LED for Aquariums

When you use LED bulbs, over time you’ll find that the electricity bill you pay for running your aquarium lights will decrease drastically as LED lighting uses up to 70% less electricity than other lighting styles. This means that in a short time you will benefit from savings on your electrical bill and savings in how often you replace and stock up on bulbs. LED lighting generates less heat making no radiant heat impact on the aquarium itself. Therefore, you may be able to get away without running a chiller, and cutting back on your power bill even more. Still, you should always use a thermostat and always monitor your water temperature. There are no metal filaments or noxious gasses contained inside an LED light. LED grow lights are simple to use, easy to maintain, and will save you money over time. One of the biggest reasons people choose LED grow lights to use for their aquarium lighting is the longevity of the bulbs. The long lasting nature of LED aquarium lights also means you won’t be disturbing the delicate cycle of your aquarium with consistent maintenance and changes. Aquarium lighting that utilizes LED technology doesn’t create light through heat. Many bulbs, including fluorescent lightbulbs, can create heat when in use. The spectrum of light generated by LED aquarium lighting is not full spectrum as many standard lighting is. Instead, LED lights generate a very specific spectrum of light which is optimum for every stage of growth for aquatic plants and terrarium plants alike. Using aquarium LED lighting takes all of the guesswork out of aquarium lighting setup because the light spectrum it generates will be appropriate for any kind of aquarium setting.

Another legendary benefit with LED aquarium lighting is that you have a better level of control over how much the lighting affects water temperature and loss of water through evaporation. Many bulbs that heat up with use may influence the ambient temperature of the water in an aquarium, or air in a terrarium. Even with advanced temperature control equipment it can be hard to stabilize the ways that aquarium lighting affects the climate inside an aquarium. Aquarium LED lighting doesn’t get hot enough, even with constant use, to cause excess water evaporation or change water or air temperature. This makes the process of balancing the fragile needs of your aquarium without having to worry about the influences of the aquarium lighting. Opting to transit to LED aquarium lighting is an easy and effective way to provide more healthy light to your aquarium while saving money and time on maintenance. In addition to all the direct benefits you’ll get from using aquarium LED lighting, you’ll also be cutting down on how much energy you use by contributing for the health of our planet.